Thursday, October 29, 2009
HOLIDAYS HAVE JUST STARTED!! Today is the first day of holidays. Don't really have much plans for the holidays though, just like most other people. Lol. I will have so many band practices during the holidays. I just went for one this morning, will have another one this Saturday. So tiring.. Anyway, I am trying to enjoy band practice cuz its most probably my last few days in SJI. =( I am transferring cuz I can't afford the monthly school fees of $360. ($520 before I became a PR) Not sure which school I will end up in, but the most likely is in ACS (Barker). LOL. I might end up going to my current "rival" school. Oh well, I will miss my great friends in SJI. Its such a fun school with the students of 106.

Thats not my form teacher just in case you are wondering. LOL. I haven't got a good picture of my form tutor, Mrs Tracy Chan. =( She didn't even appear on our class photo because she is in charge of the CCA Gymnastics and it so happened that the photo taking day clashed with the gymnastics competition, so Mrs Chan wasn't able to turn up for the photo taking.

The person I will miss most is Oscar Loh I think. He is a GREAT friend. He is the second highest guy standing in the photo above. (you can only see his face) He is wearing white frammed glasses with black-coloured lenses. HAHA. I went to his house quite a few times, mostly to play xbox 360, specifically Halo 3. He OWNS at it. LOL. I played L4D with him just yesterday on his xbox. He just got a xbox live today, so maybe I'll be going to his house to have even more fun. LOL. Oh well, I'll miss SJI, 106 and my friends there SOO much! Wish I could stay, but doesn't look like I have a choice. SJI ROX!! =D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Wah.. So stress leh. I seriously hate exams. Exams are useless, they do not benefit anyone. Life is so much better off without it. I wanna slack but I can't. I wanna sleep properly but I can't. I wanna play more but I can't. I don't want to study but I have to force myself to. I don't feel like doing anything. =(

Argh.. This is changing the subject, but my literature teacher is a total slacker. I am not lying. Ask my classmates if you don't believe me. My literature teacher probably only marks 1/3 of the worksheets we hand in to him. The rest? HE TELLS US TO MARK IT OURSELVES IN CLASS!! LOL. There were these two worksheets which he took 8 whole months to pass back to us... Incredible. Sometimes he spends half the lesson talking about crap like about the F1 race and things like that. He will then say that he is teaching us "analysis" skills by talking to us about that kind of thing. He even calls the students things like "faggots", "bloody fools" or "barbarians". When he is in a bad mood, which he seems to always be in, he will lose his temper at the slightest reason by any student. I shouldn't be saying this, but I really can't stand it any longer. I actually prefer my mother tongue teacher to my literature teacher. xD

Anyway, exams are next week and I don't feel prepared at all. (especially for literature) I have no motivation to study. Still waiting for a good reason to study properly. xD Just kidding.. Oh well, I wish all sec 1 students a good studying. =P Don't be like me. Haha.

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Today is the second last day of the September holidays.. ARGH!! I can't believe it. This September holidays I didn't really do much. Except for bowling, the church ward youth cycling, and two band practices during the holidays, I didn't have much to do. xD Seriously, I was super BORED! I spent most of my time playing computer games. Haha! (I am sick of getting thrashed in Wolf Team by my classmates)

School is back! NO! That was fast, and yet so slow. xP I wanted to the holidays to pass faster but I didn't want the school days back. Such irony.. Anyway, this term, it may very well be my last term in SJI. I hope not though.. Some miracle has GOT to happen! Argh... I must try and get some kind of bursary. IMPOSSIBLE! Well, not really, its just so hard I don't think its worth the trouble. I don't want to become a nerd just to stay in SJI. LOL. No offense to those top scores in SJI.. I am not doing good enough! Not yet meeting my expectations, although my mom is quite happy. This term I must get at least an A2 for an average mark, which means I will be extremely busy studying considering the number of subjects that I have to do in one term. Man... I can't wait till this is all over for a year. 4 more weeks till my final year exam I think.. Have to study 7 subjects. Big jump for me. I can't believe how well some of my classmates are coping. Oh well, I guess I just need to try harder. Haha.

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Haven't blogged in a while. xD Anyway, it was Teachers' Day last Monday. Had lots of fun!! We had lots of junk food!

Actually, not much happened. We reported at school at normal time, then at 8.45am we did the "ACERS" dance(I am not sure of the spelling so wadeva) which was a Michael Jackson dance. XD was soo lame.. No offense to Michael Jackson but the way the school did it together was really retarted. Haha. Anyway, after that we went back to class and slacked all the way. We waited for the teacher for like an hour and all she did was come, say hi, take the gifts and she left. LOL! We had the food to ourselves!! Haha. Wasn't an easy job cleaning up though..

Oh well, I wish all teachers a belated Happy Teachers' Day!! =D

Saturday, August 22, 2009
YES!! Got A1 for maths exam!! YEAH!!! Finally... Got 85% which is equal to 34 upon 40 marks. LOL. SO happy! xD Still waiting for other marks.. Hope to get physics marks by Monday. But I have a feeling its not gonna be very good, so I am bracing myself for the worst. xP Same goes for geography.. Did quite well in literature, so I am not worried to get the marks. Haiz.. lucky the exams are all finished already, if not I would have gone nuts with the stress. xP Argh.. Miss her so much.. haven't talked to her for almost a week.. Dunno whats going on.. I hope that my guess is all wrong.. I don't know how much longer I can stand this silence. xD

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Exams are OVER!!

Finally, exams are OVER!!! YES!! Went to Oscar's house today to play XboX 360, specifically Halo 3. =D He totally thrashed me. xP Anyway, exams were quite ok. Hope that I can get A1 for the subjects.. I've never studied so hard before, and I hope that it really helps me get better marks.

Argh, my mother tongue will surely drag my average mark down. Lol! I suck at chinese because I never liked it (no offense to Chinese lovers). I grew up learning to hate chinese in the environment I was in in Malaysia. Not that the teachers do anything to make us hate it, but I never enjoyed a day of school in Malaysia because everything was in chinese. xP Maths, science and history were all taught in chinese. Their chinese standard is one year ahead of Singapore. I learned chinese as a first language, Malay as a second language and english as third language. It was chinese, chinese, chinese and chinese in primary school in Malaysia. It was pure torture for me considering I come from an english speaking family. xD Haha. You are probably thinking that I should be good at chinese after all this right? Well, truth is I never really payed any attention in class when I was in primary school in Malaysia because I couldn't understand anything. LOL. Oh well, got nothing more to say.

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Cross-Country Day

On Friday, our school SJI celebrated Singapore National Day by having a cross-country run at Bedok Reservoir. The participants are sec 1-3 only because sec 4 students were required to go to school to study. xP Anyway, top 20 runners get medals. I got 23rd place in the race. ARGH! Missed it by a little bit... I even saw the last of the top 20 getting the medal because the winners receive a medal on the spot right after the run. I feel so disappointed. xD Lol. We gathered at the track of Temasek Polytechnice before the run. Here are a few photos of the place where we gathered in the morning:

My class!

Was VERY nice weather too run. =D Very cool morning. I had to wake up at 5.30am so that I could meet my friends at Commonwealth MRT station to go to Tampines MRT station and take a bus from there, and we got to Temasek Polytechnic 10 minutes late (we were supposed to be there by 7.30) because we didn't know where to get off the bus and got off 3 bus stops early and walked the rest of the journey. xD

I don't have any photos of the Bedok Reservoir where we ran. We ran one round around Bedok Reservoir and ended the run at the track where we gathered. As I said, I missed the medal by 3 places. xP Anyway, we were dismissed after the race at about 9.45am and had to find our own way home. Me and my friends decided to take the MRT home together, which meant that we had to take a bus back to the interchange. Guess what? We got LOST!! -.-" How? SJI gave us a map that showed us what bus to take TO Temasek Polytechnic, and we thought that we could take the same buses back to the interchange. So, we took bus 8 and got ridiculously lost because we weren't familiar with the area..

My classmate Jun Yu (the boy on the left) wasn't too happy about us getting lost. We only realised we weren't going the right way after like 20 minutes bus ride.

LOL! We didn't dare to get off until we saw a this sign board:

We thought we were saved because where there is an MRT station, there is a way home. So we got off the next bus stop after we saw the MRT sign and walked towards the MRT.

But there was one big problem that we did not know when we got off the bus. THE MRT STATION WE SAW WAS PART OF THE ORANGE MRT LINE WHICH IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! LOLOLOLOL. Once we got closer, this is what we saw to our great dismay:

See the blue things there? The place was still covered up by those bricks or tiles or whatever they are. xP Here is an even closer view of the place:

HAHA. The place wasn't even open and there were workers inside building stuff. xD We then walked pass the MRT in search for another way home. We managed to reach a bus stop after walking half a km but there was another problem.

Saw the problem??? There was NO SIGN to show us what buses came at where they head to. xD

ARGH! LOL. Fail sia.. We were SUPER unlucky on that day. =.= However, our worries came to an end when we saw that opposite where we were there was a bus 154, which goes to my school, pass by. We followed where the bus went and we arrived at this bus stop after a 200m walk:

We looked at the sign and saw, to our relief, that bus 154 goes to that bus stop and it brings us back to SJI:

HAHA. If you look carefully you can see that the 3rd last bus stop says "Whitley Rd- St Joseph's Inst" LOL. So I took the bus to SJI and then took 153 back home. WHEW!! I feel sorry for my class chairman because he was with us and had to take the bus all the way to the end which was like at least 35 bus stops or more (literally).

I got home at 11.45am. Can you believe? A 2 hour journey home.. xD LOL. Thats all for the Cross Country day. =D


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