Sunday, December 28, 2008
I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Chong Woon Ern.

This is my family photo:

Names from left to right are:Chong Woon Han, Chong Woon Ray(the short one), Chong Su Min, Mom, Chong Faye Min, Chong Woon Shuan, Dad and me. :D

I enjoy reading comics and novels.

I love dogs.

I love birthday cakes. (especially that one)

I love playing chess with my dad.

I like going to the beach with my brothers and Dad.

I like digging holes at the beach with my brother Han. (The picture below was taken in Kuantan and the hole was about 1.45 m deep. No kidding!)

I enjoy playing the computer.

I'm addicted to sports. (especially basketball XD)

And I love my family. =)


About Me
I'm Chong Woon Ern
I am 14 years' old
Birthday is on June 16
From Malaysia
Now Living in Singapore
I love dogs
I love food
Now studying in Saint Joseph's Institution

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