Sunday, December 28, 2008
School begins this Friday(2/1/2009). I got posted to SJI (Saint Joseph's Institution) recently and I am going there to begin a new chapter of my life. Having just graduated from primary school in 2008 (Qeenstown Primary School), I am sure that I won't be used to being one of the younger guys in secondary school XD. Another thing that I am sure that I won't be used to is that I am going to a boys school, but I am excited about being in a new environment to learn. There are two reasons why I chose SJI as the school that I want to go to. Firstly, it is a good school because the students there are nice people and the teachers are committed to teaching. Secondly, it is a boys school which means that I won't be distracted by girls.Ha Ha. I hope that at least some of my friends from Qeenstown Primary School will keep in touch with me, especially my best friends Justin Chan, Bryan Teng(who is following me to SJI), Zhong Xuan and Wei Xiang. I wish every Qeenstowner a good time in secondary school. Remember, work hard, play hard and work smart.Ha Ha. Good luck!!!


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I'm Chong Woon Ern
I am 14 years' old
Birthday is on June 16
From Malaysia
Now Living in Singapore
I love dogs
I love food
Now studying in Saint Joseph's Institution

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