Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Hey readers!!! I haven't posted anything in a long time. I was "occupied" recently with other things. I never really bothered to blog because I didn't have much to write about back then. But now that I look back, I realised what was happening to me.

I could spend up to 7 hours playing DOTA without resting,eating or drinking. HAHA! Anyway, I never thought that i would ever give it up... xD. I can't say that I am not addicted to DOTA now cuz i have only stopped playing it ever since the 3rd term of school started, but i am trying my best to keep myself occupied with other things. Actually, that isn't really hard cuz the number of things that I have to do is CRAZY!(literally) Recently I just finished my Chinese project. HAHA. It was so tedious to do sia... xD. Anyway, we were assigned to do our family tree in Chinese xP. Haiz...doing it in CHINESE was already bad enough cuz my dad's side of the family does not even know Chinese...worst still, my family is HUGE! xP

The things we were assigned to do are: Do a family tree of 3 generations starting from me to my grandfather...xD. We have to find their names, birth dates, and photos. We also had to write about where our ancestors came from... Haiz... The killer part of the project was the photos! Erm, the people in the photos were identified and found by my mom =D cuz i don't even know what some of my relatives look like (thats how big my family is), so I owe a lot to my mom for helping me out...Anyway, thanks to my mom I had gotten most of my family photos. Then I had to put all the photos, names and birth dates together. It took me at least a total of 20 hours to get this project done. I was working my head off for a week xD (maybe thats why I still haven't played DOTA for a week,haha).

Hahas, anyway, i handed the project in and i got FULL MARKS on it from my chinese teacher which is 100/100. HAHA. I don't even know why she gave me so much. I only gave the birth dates of one family and a few death dates. xP... LOLZ. Thats all about lah, will blog about other things now...cuz I don't really like talking about school anyways. HAHA!


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