Saturday, July 11, 2009
JULY, 11, 2009
Annual Parade.

Today is I just came home from my school's SJI Annual Parade.( AP for short) The AP is to promote all uniformed group CCAs in my school. The secondary 4 boys are stepping down so this ceremony is for the passing of authority from the sec 4 to sec 3 students. The AP lasted from 4 pm to 7 pm. All the while we were just sitting there watching the Ap. Only at the last part did we march with the main band (cuz sec 1 boys could not join the band in playing the music). HAHA. It was a great feeling to march with them for the first time. xD Here is a photo of the Annual Parade:

The attire for the sec 1 boys in the band is white long sleeve shirt, white long pants, black shoes and black socks... HAHA. Can you believe it? We had to wear that in the hot evening sun! xP Here is a picture when I came home from the AP:

LOLZ. It was EXCRUCIATINGLY HOT!!( we all had to experience it, so i shouldn't be complaining xD) Anyway, back to the AP. After we finished all the marching and stuff, it was 7 pm. The secondary 4 boys wanted to take pictures with their various sections before they step down. So, it took another hour before I was dismissed xD. I was dismissed at 8 pm and reached home at 8.40 pm. LOL. Thats when I asked my mom to take a picture of me so i could put it in my blog. =P Thats all for now. xD


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