Monday, July 27, 2009
Being Sick xP

I have been told to stay away from school from 7 days (20/7 - 27/7) because I caught a flu and got a fever. xD. I know it sounds fun for you guys, but for me it was NOT fun. It was excruciatingly BORING!! I can't believe I am saying this but I actually missed going to school during the time I was sick. I wanted to go to school today but I can't because the doctor says no. Anyway, there are 6 other people in my class who were absent today from my class. They are : Jie Le, Sriram, Luke, Dion, Ivan and last but not least, my form and maths teacher,Mrs Chan.. xD. Yesterday at church Claire and Nichole were the only two youth who didn't come because they were sick. Haiz.. I really missed Claire at church xD. Anyway, its the flu period now and everyone is becoming sick. Even Michael fell sick but still went to school on the days he wasn't supposed to. SO LUCKY!! Jk... So anyway, what do you think I do at home everyday? Well, I was quite sick for the first 3 days and I had to lie down for practically 24 hours for 3 days which I didn't mind. But for the rest of the days, I still had to stay in the room away from everybody even though I was feeling better xD. Here are a few photos of my temperature:

Day 1: 37.9 Degrees Celsius

Day2: 38.4 Degrees Celsius

Day3: 39 Degrees Celsius

LOL. By right, I should be hospitalized at the temperature of 39 Degrees Celsius. I went to see the doctor on the 2nd day I had a fever, and when I took my temperature at the clinic, a laser scanner showed that I had a temperature of 37.2 Degrees Celsius. But when the doctor took my temperature by using something that he put in my ear, I had a temperature of 39.1 Degrees Celsius. That shows how useless the laser scanner was xP. HAHA. Anyway, I told the doctor that I had a temperature of 38.4 Degrees Celsius when I took it at home and he said that we should just use that temperature for his reports because if we use the temperature he took, I would have to be hospitalized by then which he thought was unnecessary. Lolz.

Anyway, the fever got worse one the 3rd day and I was feeling horrible. I couldn’t even see the temperature on the thermometer and needed my mom to tell me the temperature xD. I took my medicine as usual and all I could do was rest in my room.

On day 4, I was feeling much better and had no more fever. =D Although I was feeling much better, my mom said I was still contagious and had to wear a mask whenever I exited my “room of Isolation” to prevent the spreading of my flu.

Haha. I looked stupid with a mask. xD Anyway, it was a Friday and I was looking forward to the next day’s church activity which the doctor let me go to. Lol. Anyway, Claire and Nichole didn’t go to the activity. That’s really sad because the activity was really fun. But I will talk about it in the next time. That’s all for now. =D


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