Friday, July 10, 2009
My class newsletter!

Hey readers, today my class had one "Personal and Social Education" period and we spent the 50 minutes discussing for the making of a class newsletter. Er...we discussed about the different sections that we will have in our monthly class newsletter. I can't remember all that there were, but there were sections like "Jokes!" or "CCA Specials". HAHA. Sounds kinda lame right? Just kidding! LOLZ. Anyway, there is one particular section which my classmates were more interested in making.Its called: "Muscle Pages" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Go ahead, laugh! HAHA My class was laughing our heads off when my friend, Oscar, suggested it to the teacher who was writing down suggestions on the white board...LOLZ!!!

Anyway, the article is just about health... and guess what? I was asked to be "interviewed" for the "Muscle Pages" HAHA xD. They asked me a few questions like "how much do you exercise" or "what advice would you give to keep fit". HAHA. The last question was "Do you think you are sexy?". xD They even begged me to pose ( I don't pose well xD) for a photo to put on the front page of "Muscle Pages" Here is the photo:

LOLZ! Thats how carried away my classmates can get xD. They fool around so much I can't believe that they can actually get things done!(for certain classmates lah, not all)

LOLZ. So anyway, another friend named Sherwin was put in charge of putting all the sections together and make the final product which is the "Class 106 Newsletter" which my form teacher will read to make sure it is appropriate to be published(believe me, its VERY IMPORTANT that the teacher read through it first xD). LOLZ, it really brightened up my day. Thanks 106 for being so humorous! =D.


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