Monday, July 13, 2009
My day at school

Today, it was an EXTREMELY slack day at school. HAHA. It is Monday and we have English, Literature, Computer Studies, Physics, Personal and Social Education and Art periods (1 period in my school is 50 minutes xD). Today our Eng and Lit teacher didn't come (we have one teacher for both subjects) and so, the only serious period that we had was Physics. Our class was momentarily distracted by a HUGE grasshopper that happened to climb across our class screen. Here is our class screen:

Erm... the grasshopper isn't there cuz by that time it had died xD. You are wondering how it died? Well, when they wanted to retract the board after Physics, the poor little thing got crushed by the sliding screen...Here is a picture of it:

HAHA. Disgusting right xP. Anyway, that is not all. It left behind a "mark" for us to remember it ever after! Here it is:

LOL!!!! That is the mark it left when it was squished against the white screen xP. Ewwww... LOLZ. To summarise, I had a great day at school. =D School ended at 2.10 today and I had lots of fun (especially when we played "catch" during recess. Childish right? xD). Post somemore tomorrow! =D


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