Thursday, July 9, 2009
This term, my friends and family(specifically my mom xD) say my attitude has changed entirely. Last two terms of school, I was known as a mega slacker...LOLZ.( i really was a slacker xD) Now I hear from my friends that I should not be working so hard. HAHA. But my mom says she likes me better like that, lolz (my teacher also made the same remark). Anyway, I just want to tell all that I have a motivation for all this, but I won't say it yet. (But my mom knows,lol)HAHA, this is post is more for my SJI friends, lolz. My friend Isaac of 106 says he was freaked out at my behaviour when I started the term =D. haha. To me thats good...jk haha.

I'm not sure how long I can keep this attitude,though. I hope that my motivation will stay as one instead of become a distraction xD. Its an entirely new phase of my life =D. Anyway, sorry if I didn't blog for so long... I just was too lazy too back then xD. I just hope that I can somehow upload my pictures... ARGH! I don't know if its a problem with the internet or blogger...I like my posts better with pictures but unfortunately i can't upload them xD. Anyway, I am aiming to be at least top 10 in class at the end of the term which some people in my class think is impossible for me xP. HAHA, this term I will show them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!...LOLZ. Thats all for now. =P


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