Thursday, July 16, 2009
Normal day of school xD

For the past three days, I haven't gotten a single piece of homework. Which means that I have been slacking of for three days. LOL. Not really lah. I didn't do anywork apart for a little revising and studying of chinese for next weeks Chinese Oral Test. Yesterday, I managed to finish a novel in one day. The novel is called "Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian". It is the fifth and last book of the Percy Jackson series =D.

My friend had to return the book today because he lent the book to me after he finished reading it so I needed to finish it within a day. I took at least 9 hours overall to read the book. Kinda slow right? xD the book consisted of about 390 pages. Haha. But guess what. I FORGOT to bring the book the today to school to return. xP ARGH! Such irony! Now I owe my friend 20 cents and I hope I remember to bring it tomorrow... xD. LOL. I am so forgetful... Anyway, the book was great and it was also the best of the series of 5. Nothing special really happened for the past 3 days, but tomorrow something special is gonna happen.

My friend,Ivan, from my class invited me to his church activity. He is from the Baptist Fellowship Church (BFC) .The activity he invited me to is a youth activity (age 13-20 for their church). I have to be at Pasir Ris MRT Station by 5.15pm tomorrow... xD. The activity lasts until Saturday night where we end with a barbecue. YES! =P We are going to Costa Sands (Pasir Ris). HAHA. For my church friends, don't worry lah, I will stay faithful to our church =). That is not all. I went on the condition that he will come to our youth activity (ages 12-18 for our church) on the 25th of July =D. So the youth who are coming to our activity will be able to see him. Ok, I got nothing else to talk about. I will post more about my friend's church activity on Saturday. Btw, our school got its second case of H1N1. A secondary 4 boy got it ( I don't know which class). HAHA. Thats all for now.


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