Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is the day of school I like least because it has every examinable period which means there is Maths, Lower Secondary Science (Physics for this term), Geography and Mother Toungue (Chinese..Duh! xD). The only fun period was PE, which wasn't really very fun for me today. xD Why not so fun? Because I did not have any clean PE shorts to wear today which resulted in me being punished by having to run 6 extra rounds around the school's 400 metres track xD. It wasn't very hard, but it wasn't very enjoyable either...LOL! After that, I played hockey with the class with odd index numbers as one team and even index numbers the second. And my team won the hockey match for the first time!! HAHA (we play hockey when we have time left for it). Thats all for PE. xD

Today, we went to the new science lab to do physics stuff. All we did was measure the width of a boiling tube, the diameter of the inside, and then using the information we have to find the thickness of the glass. Also, we measured the density of a wooden cube... BORING! xD. HAHA. Today was my first day using the new science lab and guess what... I was the 2nd boy to break the boiling tube that we were measuring xD. First, my friend Lucas dropped his. Fifteen minutes later, I got so bored I didn't even know what I was doing and dropped the boiling tube xD. HAHA!!! It shattered all over the floor and I was asked to clean it up and I still owe my teacher $1 for breaking it xP. I can't believe it...first day in the new lab and I had to break something for the first time xD.

For maths today, we finally received the answers to a question that no one knew how to solve on the first day we got it (not including crazy answers from some students xD). The question is like this: "Estimate the number of fish in a pond without harming the fish". The question sounds simple right? NOT! Our teacher added on that the water is murky and that it is a huge pond. But we had 3 days to do it. HAHA. That made things harder for us. Anyway, I was the only one who found the right answer. Its called the Capture and Recapture method. Go read about it somewhere else because I don't want to explain what it is because it is complex xD. Anyway, the FUNNIEST answer that the teacher got is from my humourous friend named Oscar Loh. HAHA. He said to feed the fish magnetic food and then suck them all up with a strong magnet and count them all before they die. HAHAHA! Lame right? But Oscar said it for fun only ( I think xP). But the "Lamest Answer Award" doesn't go to Oscar, instead it goes to Syazwan! Guess what he said. He said " Just ask the owner of the pond". HAHA They dare to say things like that because my maths teacher is too nice to them xD. HAHA. Thats all for maths.

Something happened that made things worse in my school regarding the H1N1 virus. One boy got it in my school! I don't know the boy's name but he is from class 102 and my maths teacher teaches that class too xD. HAHA. Because of the H1N1 virus coming to our school (it is welcomed by many students. LOL!), we were forced to sit according to our index numbers and exam style which means we have to sit about half a metre away from each other. xD HAHA I hope that those who don't want the virus and that those who want it will get it... JK!! LOL. Ok, thats all for now... =D


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