Saturday, July 11, 2009
Church Youth Clean-Up Project

Today, my church had an activity which was organised for the youth in our church (12-18 years' old). The activity was to clean up the chairs and tables in the church. We only managed to clean the chairs on second level ( there are four levels). That took us about an hour and a half. The activity started at 10 am and ended officially at about 11.40 am. They bought doughnuts for us and lots of H2O( the carbonated one xD) . It was great, but after the activiy was officially closed, it wasn't over for the youth.

We planned to play basketball but unfortunately no one had the keys to the bring the basketball board from the ceiling to level (it is kept against a ceiling and when you want to use it, there is a button that must be pushed in order to use it and there is a key for the button xD) . You probably don't understand what I mean, but all you need to know is that we could not play basketball. So I played ping-pong with Dennis and Michael.( I was literally OWNED by them xD) I played with them for about 40 minutes ( I think xP) and after that, we went up to second floor where the youth were playing dodge ball with the basketball they brought. HAHA

It was extrememely fun xD. We played it continuously for about an hour and a half. xP After a while, we played captain's ball and my team won! ( LOL I am a show off right? xD) After that we played soccer with the basketball cuz we had practically nothing better to do xD, and my team won again. LOLZ Anyway, my team consisted of Michael, Sherwayne and Mathias. These 3 are very good in sports, so it isn't suprising that my team won xD. HAHAs. Anyway, I played until 2.50 pm then I had to go home because at 4 pm I had to reach school for the SJI Annual Parade. LOLS. I was 5 minutes for the Annual Parade cuz I left a bit late, hahas. I haven't had such a packed and fun day in a while xD. Ok, thats all for now. ^^


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